Nanoparticles applied to sustainable energy and biomedical applications

Research overview

This research is partially funded by the Centre of Excellence EQUiTANT (F180175TIBT) and the EMÜ Bridge Funding (P200030TIBT).
We are a material science and engineering research group with the main research focus on metal oxide and metal nanoparticle synthesis. We are more particularly interested by silver, cobalt, zinc oxide, hafnium dioxide, and hybrid nanomaterials. The main targeted applications are sustainable energy, biocidal coatings, water purification and nanomedicine.

In addition to the conventional synthesis methods, green synthesis is an objective of ours. Team main expertise include also thin film synthesis (ALD, MOCVD, PLD, sputtering), sol-gel chemistry, transmission electron microscopy and related techniques, vacuum techniques, CMOS technology, photoluminescence, scientific writing, research projects.