Antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral coatings

During the last decades, silver metal nanoparticles have spurred a lot of interest due to their biocidal properties. Among noble metals, Ag metal nanoparticles possess the most efficient biocidal properties with a very broad bactericidal and fungicidal activity spectrum. In this project we study the antibacterial and antifungal properties of cobalt metal and Ag metal nanoparticles. The first approach is to synthesize Ag nanoparticles using selected plants extracts. We are presently developing a cost effective method based on plant extracts utilization that should enable the development of antibacterial and more particularly antifungal coating. The second approach is to use ultrastable surfactant free cobalt nanomaterial that exhibit high biocidal properties and combine them with Ag nanoparticles. The aim is to apply these nanomaterials and their combinations with polymers to biocidal coatings (paints), and antibacterial/antifungal treatment.


List of relevant publications:

Research project partially funded by the Estonian Centre of Excellence 2015 EQUiTANT (TK134) and a grant was received from the Estonian Research Council (ETAg) to investigate antiviral coating (COVSG-9).