Polymer nanocomposites applied to antimicrobial and antiviral coatings for surfaces protection

(Targeted project COVSG9 (2020-2021))


The research project was funded by Eesti Teadusagentuur to tackle the present problems due to Covid-19 pandemia. The research project is done in the frame of a collaboration between the Institute of Forestry and Engineering (IFE), and the Institute of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences (IVMAS) (Best cooperation award 2021).

The COVID-19 outbreak requires urgent effective antiviral treatment as well as mitigation of its proliferation. Since 2004, nanomaterials have been investigated towards the development of the so-called ‘nanoantimicrobials’. Now with COVID-19 pandemic, nanoantivirals have been the focus of investigations. Nanomaterials in antiviral applications and nanotechnology can offer a great support in the design of contamination-safe equipment through metal-loaded nanocomposites. Polymer nanocomposites combining cobalt, copper and silver in polymer matrix will be studied to develop antiviral additives for plastic items production and coatings to protect surfaces (door handles, protective visors, panels…). The technological transfer for industrial production will be done with Estonian Companies. The well-known antiviral properties of various formulations and nanostructures will be studied and exploited to fight COVID-19 and prevent and limit both rapid contamination leading to contagion.

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