Team Grant (PRG2115)

Glass and sand nanocomposites investigations toward water and soil remediation



Kick-off meeting with the whole team! We are all enthusiast to start developing new technologies that will enable the extraction of heavy metal ions from water and soil. The project focuses on developing nanocomposite aimed to be used for water and soil remediation. With these technologies wastewater and contaminated soil can become resources through the recycling of exhausted nanocomposites (circular economy). The goal is understand the extraction mechanism and to have prototype ready for the purification of well water and an on-going pilot test at the end of the project.


This is great news for the whole team! Our Team Grant research funding application PRG2115 got funded! Sihtasutus Eesti Teadusagentuur(ETAg) will support our research activities related to water remediation (extraction of heavy metal ions, dye removal and removing bacteria).