Mr. Reynald Ponte

Junior Research Fellow & PhD student at the Institute of Forestry and Engineering (EMÜ)

Nationality: French

Estonian University of Life Sciences

Institute of Forestry and Engineering, Chair of Energy Application Engineering
Fr.R.Kreutzwaldi 56, Tartu 51006, ESTONIA

ORCID: 0000-0002-9203-0711



  • Ph.D. studies in Engineering Sciences at the Institute of Forestry and Engineering, Estonian University of Life Sciences, Tartu, Estonia (01.09.2022 – present)
  • Engineering degree at ENSICAEN, Materials and Chemistry, Caen, France (09.2018 – 09.2020)
  • Two-year technical degree at IUT d’Orsay, in chemistry, Orsay, France (09.2014 – 06.2016)

Present fields of research

  • Nanomaterials applied to batteries
  • Hydrothermal and (co-)precipitation methods-based synthesis of nanoparticles (SnO2)
  • Morphology, optoelectronic and I-V characterization of as synthesized nanoparticles

Present projects

Honors and awards

  • 2024 Best presentation award (2nd place) during the Ph.D. students’ Days of “Aurel Vlaicu” University of Arad


1. Publication in the group:

  • « Surface-defect tailoring in SnO2 (CNT) nanomaterials via sol-gel routes and its influence on the cycling stability » R. Ponte, E. Rauwel and P. Rauwel, Journal of Materials Science Online (2024) [REF]
  • « Tailoring SnO2 Defect States and Structure: Reviewing Bottom-Up Approaches to Control Size, Morphology, Electronic and Electrochemical Properties for Application in Batteries » R. Ponte, E. Rauwel, P. Rauwel, Materials  16(12), 4339 (2023) [REF]

2. Former publication

  • «Transparent Er3+ doped Ag2O containing tellurite glass-ceramics»” I. Aromäki, I. Shestopalova, R. Ponte, S. Annurakshita, G. Bautista, A. Othmani, H. Elhouichet and L. Petit, Optical Materials: X, 15, 100164, 2022 [REF]
  • «Synthesis and characterization of mixed Co-Zn-ZIF for arsenic(V) adsorption»”, D. Parajuli; R. Ponte, N. Zhang, T. Nakamura, T. Kawamoto, Inorganica Chimica Acta, 520, 119311, 2020 [REF]